We are back with a full update


As a few days ago we have completed our transition into the Unreal 4 game engine from Unity. This decision was not made lightly and we had been preparing for this transition for awhile now. Unity is a great platform and it has served us well but given our specific needs it’s time we moved on to an engine that fits us better. At the end of the day we want to create the best experience possible and Unreal 4 has opened doors to us that Unity cannot currently provide. All of the plugins we used in Unity were created by third party developers and when glitches arouse or new features were needed we would basically be out of luck. That’s not a problem anymore. Switching to Unreal 4 came with it’s own set of challenges but at the end of the day we can provide game play that’s glitch free and the Ira experience we set out to make.

The transition took some time and that has pushed back our schedule. I think our sentiment can be summed up by Shigeru Miyamoto who once said A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. We share the same philosophy and hope everyone is on board with that. We are moving steadily towards finishing Act:1.Backer rewards will be shipped when Act one launches.

Something Personal

To our backers who will appear in game. We never expected to learn so much about all of you. We’ve gotten some highly detailed and personal bios. Some of you detailing the events of your life that lead you to where you are now. We’ve learned about your dreams, aspirations and we’ve gotten to know many of you. After reading such personal bios I felt almost unnerved by what we had started. The amount of trust it takes to put yourself out there is simple moving, and it solidifies to me that we are on the right track. Every story we read influences what we create. I remember reading over a particular bio and I sat back in my computer chair, just staring at the screen in front of me. It was at that moment that I had come to realize that this project has become more than just our dream, it’s becoming an amalgamation of everyone’s dreams. I feel like I don’t own Ira anymore. I feel like it has become its own entity unfolding on its own admission.

Future updates

We are planning on doing small dev blog updates weekly and a full game update every month until completion. Some of the dev blog updates will include alpha test levels that can be experimented and played with.

Till next time.