Tis the Season for an Update

So, what have we been doing lately?  

Well, a little bit of everything. Updating 3D models, levels, sounds, character interactions, game play systems, profiling for different consoles, and story elements. Basically we are cleaning house on some old components that don’t reflect the current vision of Ira anymore, and things are looking really good.

You guys remember this Image? This is the living room from the original Ira. Looks like it’s from an early production demo doesn’t it?

Old ira house

Now here’s what that room looks like in its current state. The differences is night and day. One of our goals for Ira is to create a world that people can really get lost in, and I think we are finally at that point.

Ira Holiday Update

All that aside we are pushing forward, and looking to the new year when we can release Act 1! 

For those of you celebrating have a great holiday!

See you in 2017

– The Ira team