It’s Time For an Update

Hey folks,

Fall is in the air, and it’s update time.

The steady train of development is still chugging right along. We’ve been making headway in a few areas that are new to us, including a new shading system, procedural textures, and a new AI control system. These new developments are really helping push things to the next level; it’s one thing to have levels set up, but once the proper lighting falls into place and NPCs are actually moving through the world, well, it really brings Ira to life. We are deep into development and we are creating an experience that we love and enjoy. Our hope is that you’ll feel the same when it releases.

On another note. We just got back from Stem Dev Days and it was an amazing experience. We learned a lot and cant wait to apply what we’ve leanred to Ira. We will post more about our experience in a bit.

Lastly, keep your ear to the ground for new content. We’re hoping to have a new teaser with our updated content (from the Unreal Engine) within the next several weeks!

As always, feel free to send us your questions and comments!

Until next time, The Ira team