Countdown to Kickstarter

Kickstartering the Launch of Ira act 1

Hey everyone,

It’s time for an update. Ira is coming back to Kickstarter. It’s been a long time coming, but this is what we’ve been working towards, and and it’s finally time to throw ourselves back into the ring. On January 5th Ira Act I: Pilgrimage will launch on Kickstarter with exclusive content for people like you who are a part of the journey.

We’ve listened, we’ve rethought, we’ve revamped, and now we have a story to tell. Our website has been updated and we have new information, images, and videos, but this is only the beginning. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing elements of lore, more images, more videos, and our completely revamped demo, and it all leads up to the January 5th kickstarter.

We are starting to gain momentum. So, stay tuned in folks, we have a lot more to share.

-the Ira team