Progress update. Where are we at?

So where are we currently at in the development process?

– Well, the story for Act one is finished.

-The gameplay mechanics are complete but need some visual polish, as noted in the Mechanics teaser.

– The sound design / direction is set and material is actively being created.

– Playable in game locations are in place, and at various stages of completion. This means that you could play the game from start to finish but there are still areas with place holder props in need of refinement.

– In game character writing and dialogue is still in development with some locations being more fleshed out than others.

– Console development: We plan on releasing on all major systems (PC/Mac/Linux, Switch, PS4/pro, and Xbox One/X), but not necessarily all at once. Our plan is to release Ira simultaneously on the PC/Mac/Linux, and the Nintendo Switch, followed by PS4/pro, and Xbox One/X. On a side note we’ve already started to doing test builds on the switch with good success.

– Marketing has been a steady process of collecting Youtubers, let’s players, and general people in the industry who want to review, and experience Ira. It’s going well, and is an ongoing task.

– Deliverables were started months back but the final imagery rests on the completion of the end game content. So, we are waiting until things are in a more finalized state.

When do think we will finish, and when will Ira release?

Right now it looks like we will finish the core game by the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean we are finished as we still need to do play testing with our Alpha cadets, respond to feedback, finalize / execute our marketing plan, make it through certification with Nintendo, and do any final touches to the game experience. Our actual release window is looking to fall somewhere between Q1 – Q2 2018.

Update frequency?

So we have been spacing out updates every 2 months as they tend to get a little repetitive in nature if we don’t. As a general rule of thumb updates every month or every other month will be the norm until release.

How’s the Team doing?

We’ve been at this a long time now, and it hasn’t always been easy. We’ve hit small bumps, big bumps, and everything in between, but we’re still here and we’ve grown through it all. If you had told us in the beginning what this whole process would entail, we may have not been so eager to take on such a project. Those aren’t the people we are now and those aren’t the people that would be making Ira the game it is today. Not only is Ira better for taking the more challenging path, but we are too, and while we’ve grown through this process the project is growing right alongside us. We appreciate all of you for joining us on this adventure.

Mechanics Teaser

It’s been awhile, and it’s time for an update!

Let’s talk about mechanics! (Skip to the bottom for the Mechanics teaser) So, one game play mechanic that’s been in the works for awhile now is our interaction system. Originally Ira started out as a point and click adventure game. The player would have to click in-order to get from point A to point B, and to interact with objects, and as much as we love point and click adventure games we knew Ira needed something that better fit our end goal. Ira isn’t about getting from point A to point B, it’s about the journey, and the connection the players has to both the character, and the world. It was imperative that we create a system that pushes that connection as far as possible

One of the goals for the interaction system is to create a personal experience through the characters. By shifting the focus of interaction from soly the player’s speech choices into characters actions/abilities/tools, people can directly connect, and influence their experience within the world. That being said, the characters have natural limitations so you can’t break the story.

Here’s how it works. During gameplay you can select the character, and time slows down. Then a ring of icons appear around the character; each one relating to an action or skill you can toggle on, or off. Different characters have different skills/abilities/tools, and thus interact with the world on their own terms, but guided by you!

Each character has their own way of speaking/expressing themselves. Now they have skills/abilities/tools to go with it. After a few months of quietly working we finally have the new system in order. Just to be clear this does not replace our dialogue system. The updated interaction system complements it, and lends to a more engaging journey.

Check out the mechanics teaser for James.

The Hearty Update! New character, new location, and the Nintendo Switch!

Some of you may have seen our cold pitch to Nintendo on Twitter a while back. Well, we’ve been in talks with them for a bit now, and we’ve been waiting patiently for an answer… As of a few days ago we can now publicly announce that we are one of 60ish Ninides releasing on the Nintendo Switch in 2017! We are really excited that Nintendo is bringing Ira onboard! This is great news and we never thought Ira would evolve to the point where companies like Nintendo would believe in what we are creating. We plan on releasing Ira simultaneously on all PC distribution platforms, and the Switch.IraNintendoSwitch

Next up we have a new location to share with you! Here’s a short clip showcasing the creation of Kettle Bottom.

Kettle Bottom is located in the dank basement under the Kettle Brothers distillery (within the town of Pilgrimage). This area is known to house pockets of union supporters, and the lower sects of society like to drink away their sorrows here. Smoky and dirty, it would surely attract an eclectic bunch of wayward miners.

Kettle Bottom is still a work in progress, but I thought you guys would like to see a new location, and a snip bit of the process that goes into making it! At the end of the clip you get to see James (Ira’s father) whom you guys have not been officially introduced to. Here’s a tease into James’s back story.

James with pit miner

James in front of his pit miner, which can be heard thumping in the background of our pit miner teaser….What’s it all mean? Oh, you’ll find out soon enough!

Anyway, we are excited to have more content focused updates from now on, and we are looking forward to the future!

Till next time,
The Ira Team