The Hearty Update! New character, new location, and the Nintendo Switch!

Some of you may have seen our cold pitch to Nintendo on Twitter a while back. Well, we’ve been in talks with them for a bit now, and we’ve been waiting patiently for an answer… As of a few days ago we can now publicly announce that we are one of 60ish Ninides releasing on the Nintendo Switch in 2017! We are really excited that Nintendo is bringing Ira onboard! This is great news and we never thought Ira would evolve to the point where companies like Nintendo would believe in what we are creating. We plan on releasing Ira simultaneously on all PC distribution platforms, and the Switch.IraNintendoSwitch

Next up we have a new location to share with you! Here’s a short clip showcasing the creation of Kettle Bottom.

Kettle Bottom is located in the dank basement under the Kettle Brothers distillery (within the town of Pilgrimage). This area is known to house pockets of union supporters, and the lower sects of society like to drink away their sorrows here. Smoky and dirty, it would surely attract an eclectic bunch of wayward miners.

Kettle Bottom is still a work in progress, but I thought you guys would like to see a new location, and a snip bit of the process that goes into making it! At the end of the clip you get to see James (Ira’s father) whom you guys have not been officially introduced to. Here’s a tease into James’s back story.

James with pit miner

James in front of his pit miner, which can be heard thumping in the background of our pit miner teaser….What’s it all mean? Oh, you’ll find out soon enough!

Anyway, we are excited to have more content focused updates from now on, and we are looking forward to the future!

Till next time,
The Ira Team

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Hey everybody,

It’s time for old Ira content from the last year or so to be put to rest (except for our new pit miner teaser). That includes our old press kit, teasers, and of course our demo. So many people have enjoyed our prologue demo of act 1, but now its time to say goodbye.

This is really exciting news as it means we are ready to move forward with what Ira has evolved into, and as of writing this there is an abundance of outdated content on the web that needs to go.

So, don’t be alarmed when you start seeing content disappear from You Tube, Game Jolt, our webpage, etc. We will have some basic content up but that’s going to be it for awhile as we move into the next phase of the development process.

So, when will the new content be up? …When it’s ready.
When will it be ready? …When we are finished.
When will lit be finished?…When it’s complete.
When will it be complete?…As soon as it’s ready.

In other news we are eyeballing the Nintendo switch as a possible launch console. It’s now a standard build option in UE4 and it should be more than powerful enough to handle Ira. Nintendo is taking it slow when it comes to indies launching on the Switch. We will know in a few months if we are able to make a Switch version a reality.

fingers crossed

Till next time,
The Ira Team


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Tis the Season for an Update

So, what have we been doing lately?  

Well, a little bit of everything. Updating 3D models, levels, sounds, character interactions, game play systems, profiling for different consoles, and story elements. Basically we are cleaning house on some old components that don’t reflect the current vision of Ira anymore, and things are looking really good.

You guys remember this Image? This is the living room from the original Ira. Looks like it’s from an early production demo doesn’t it?

Old ira house

Now here’s what that room looks like in its current state. The differences is night and day. One of our goals for Ira is to create a world that people can really get lost in, and I think we are finally at that point.

Ira Holiday Update

All that aside we are pushing forward, and looking to the new year when we can release Act 1! 

For those of you celebrating have a great holiday!

See you in 2017

– The Ira team

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Countdown to Kickstarter

Kickstartering the Launch of Ira act 1

Hey everyone,

It’s time for an update. Ira is coming back to Kickstarter. It’s been a long time coming, but this is what we’ve been working towards, and and it’s finally time to throw ourselves back into the ring. On January 5th Ira Act I: Pilgrimage will launch on Kickstarter with exclusive content for people like you who are a part of the journey.

We’ve listened, we’ve rethought, we’ve revamped, and now we have a story to tell. Our website has been updated and we have new information, images, and videos, but this is only the beginning. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing elements of lore, more images, more videos, and our completely revamped demo, and it all leads up to the January 5th kickstarter.

We are starting to gain momentum. So, stay tuned in folks, we have a lot more to share.

-the Ira team

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Ira’s back

Hello everyone,


It seems we had our update prematurely published. So, if you received the first email and where confused by its lack of content, don’t worry, it was an accidental post, this is the real one! So lets get to it.


We are back and Ira has a come a long way. For those of you just joining us, my name is Zach and I’m here to tell you that after months of quietly working on Ira we are finally ready to move forward. In our last update we talked about how we needed to rethink aspects of Ira from its release format to how the journey should unfold to the player. We needed time to grow and adapt Ira into something more substantial. We are now confident in saying that after countless days of creating and experimenting we have made good on our promise to bring Ira to the next level.


We have completely revamped our demo, imbuing it with much needed story elements, completely redesigned levels, updated controls, removed elements that didn’t lend to the experience, and brought it to life with a polished version of our unique art style. Here are a few snippets from our latest demo build.


Before and After




So, what’s next? Well, we will be releasing a big update to our website this coming week and I can’t say too much until the 15th, although, I can leave you with this piece of lore from the town of Pilgrimage.



Pilgrimage Concept 4

The Holocene launch party poster:


The sleepy town of Pilgrimage comes to life with the roar of rocket engines. While the usual seasonal laborers bound for the Martian mines drag themselves to the Intele CO Launch Center, they are easily overshadowed by the grandeur of the impending launch of the Holocene. It was mankind’s greatest undertaking, the first interstellar ship, and it was the pinnacle of Inteleco’s domination over society. Inteleco welcomes Earth’s finest researchers as they prepare to ascend to the Holocene, set to depart our own solar system and make the long voyage to the Lithic system.


Pilgrimage stands as a city on a hill to the rest of the world, seemingly immune to society’s hardships, but its gilded success is built upon the backs of those left behind by the space age. Reporters flood in, trying to catch of glimpse of the secrecy of the project. Onlookers stand by, hoping to witness history. Earth’s poorest look to the skies, yearning for an end to the looming depression. Excitement fills the air and tensions build as launch day fast approaches.


We hoped you guys enjoyed the update. Expect our new post this Tuesday.


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The Fate of Ira

Hey everyone,

To start off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Zach and I’m one of the creators of Ira. I will be the voice for our team; filling you in on all the current happenings. Hold tight. We are about to mix things up a bit.


So, first things first. We are canceling our kickstarter. There, I said it.


We have decided that doing the entire game in one shot is not feasible and we will not pursue that format again. We will not reach our goal of 68,200 before the end of the kickstarter. To be honest our love affair is with creating experiences for people like yourself and we are not the best at marketing, but we are continuing to learn and grow from this experience. I think thats one of the greatest things about true independent gaming; you can take chances, break away from the mold. Thats the beauty of it. We are artists. We can fail. We can move forward from this experience better than when we started and that’s what we are doing. In a perfect world we would have had launched our kickstarter and it would have gone off without a hitch, but this world is not perfect. You know what? We like it that way. It changes us for the better and here’s how.


We have completely rethought our kickstarter and decided to take things in a much more immersive direction. One that opens the door to the Ira universe while bringing the community together.


Ira will now be in three acts with some really inclusive content and unique backer levels. Thats right: three acts and a whole new level of immersion. By creating Ira in acts we will be playing Ira in just a few months instead of a year. That’s a big difference. No waiting long periods of time. Ira fits perfectly in this format and it makes our new kickstarter achievable with the size of our community (without compromising the quality of the experience).


We are putting a big emphasis on lore that drops you right into the universe of Ira: music, story telling, posters and propaganda videos showcasing the flavor of the experience. You’re going to have a great time before you even play Act 1 by just joining in on kickstarter. New backer levels too. No more generic “art book” and things of that nature. The community will really push the narrative of the adventure and become part of the lore itself. We dont want to give too much away right now but the community is going to be a big part of that lore. We can’t wait to share it with you!


Looking back we kept our campaign very minimal and there is something to be said for that. We didn’t want to give too much away at the time but our choice to add more engrossing content at this point will make for a much more enriching experience overall. We are even opening up about our team and giving insight on who we are; what inspires our work. All new updates to our alpha demo too. Whats that mean? It means you get introduced to new characters, places, stories, and timelines. Plus bug fixes, brand new control updates, and more polish all around.


Things are getting really exciting on our end and we can’t wait to show you what awaits on the horizon. A lot of questions will be answered but many more tantalizing mysteries will be revealed and thats part of the fun.


At this point you probably have some questions. When exactly are you guys relaunching? When can we jump on Ira Act 1? What’s the mysterious new content? What about those backer levels? We will answer those questions in good time but for now you can join our mailing list (at the top of this page) for all the latest updates.


We will leave with a quote from the lead physicist of the Holocene 1.


Remeber. You are an explorer, bravely leaving the world you once knew behind. Cascading into the void across light years of space and time. Embarking on a journey never thought possible. This is your purpose. To carry the torch of humanity into the darkness beyond our star.


-Edmund Henderson

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