Ira – Act 1: Pilgrimage


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General Overview


Point-and-click mechanics

Navigate through a world of intimate 3D spaces as well as serene, atmospheric landscapes. Play through multiple timelines, search for clues that shed light on the mysteries at hand, and use an immersive dialogue system to make choices that echo across space and time.

Explore the lithic system

Allow a creeping tension build as you traverse the Lithic system aboard the Holocene II, explore alien landscapes and search derelict outposts, travel from planet to planet in search of answers. What was the fate of the Holocene? What was their true mission? What has been calling to Ira from across the void of space and time itself?

The Narrative

Ira’s story can’t be told from just one perspective and every angle has a part to play. Relive the events of his childhood. Experience events from the viewpoint of the CEO of Intele Co to the lowly miners below him. From world class researchers to desperate vagabonds, their stories are interconnected across space and time.

The Nature of reality

Be mindful as the nature of reality becomes porous and untrustworthy. Strange anomalies and occurrences seem to permeate the fabric of reality within the Lithic System. Only you can truly decide what is real and what is not on your journey into the unknown.



A child reaches for the stars, burdened by circumstance. Folks chained by debt, indentured to the powers at large. Mankind thrust to the stars following after a signal spanning the void of space and time itself. Take a seat and settle in as we reveal a thread connecting the seemingly unconnected.

Rocket Launch

Ira was the only son of a poor farming family, born to a divided society with little to stand on. He was destined to grow up to join his father in the Martian mines, and his ambitions to explore the stars were a distant, lofty dream.

As a child he watched humanity undertake their greatest endeavor, the Holocene project, departing from the solar system to a new star, the Lithic system; a place completely unfamiliar and impossibly distant. The feat left him in awe, but the harsh realities of the world took precedence. With his father bound for Martian mines and his mother afflicted by illness his dreams to explore the stars were swept away with life’s hardships.

Against all odds a boy from the backwaters of Pilgrimage finds himself traversing the void of interstellar space. Years later he wakes from stasis aboard the Holocene II but only to find himself the sole survivor of a catastrophic incident; alone on a ghost ship floating on the outskirts of the fabled Lithic system. Now in the place of his boyhood fantasies his dreams quickly spiral out of control.

The system is flooded with a signal, interfering with electronics, playing tricks on the senses, and blurring the barriers of reality. The sound of that signal, the sound of the system, was something Ira knew as a boy, like a voice calling out to him across the void. He is deeply shaken, his memory blurred and returning in flashes, shedding light on his murky past. Struggling to survive, cutoff, unable to return home, he travels through the Lithic system aboard the desolate and badly damaged Holocene II. There he searches for rescue, answers, and above all, hope.

Where he expected to find hundreds of souls from the first Holocene mission Ira finds the abandoned remnants of once thriving research colonies. Only their ghostly trail remains, leading him through a labyrinth of mysteries, into the unknown toward the truth no one was prepared to find. The Holocene’s mission was not what it seemed, its true purpose is lost in the remnants of the Holocene mission. 

Ice planet

Ira will confront the questions that baffled and astounded the best of Earth’s minds, walking the path they mysteriously vanished from, and face his own past that lead him to this strange and alien place. Was it the guiding hand of fate that brought him here, his own will, or some other force in the depths of space?